The Meinhardt Transport Planning & Engineering team provides expert advice to development and transport-led projects to facilitate integrated, successful and sustainable solutions to modern day transport problems.

Our services include:

Traffic Impact Assessment – traffic analysis of new developments including reports for Authority and EIA submission.

Traffic and Transport Review of Master Plans – review and design of all traffic and transport aspects and facilities of new and existing developments.

Due Diligence – assist developers with the selection of development sites by identifying key traffic and transport constraints and opportunities.

Vehicle and Pedestrian Micro Simulation using VISSIM and VISWALK microscopic animation tools to intelligently simulate actual movements of pedestrians and traffic for existing and proposed schemes.

Traffic Management Solutions to overcome existing traffic problems, manage change and growth in travel demand, and provide safer facilities for all road users including cars, trucks, pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users.

Feasibility of Transport Projects – input to feasibility studies for proposed traffic and transport projects such as new/improved road schemes and future rail, metro and bus routes.

Sustainable ‘Green’ Travel Planning – developing a strategy to manage the travel generated by an organization and provide employees and users of a development more travel choices and influence the use of more sustainable modes.