Meinhardt is aware of the need for environmentally sustainable development as well as the redefinition of business operations and development strategies around the world.

Our environmentally sustainable design team consists of accredited Green Mark & LEED Professionals who are able to assist our clients in designing & constructing green buildings. We design for and promote environmentally beneficial solutions & technologies that optimize energy & resource utilisation.

We endeavor to always pursue the best practice with respect to green strategies by providing innovative alternatives. We embrace the ‘triple bottom line’ principle of ‘people, planet, profit’; in order to be sustainable, a project must not compromise occupant comfort or business critical activities; it must minimize the impact on (or even restore) the natural environment; and it must be financially feasible by not placing an unreasonable burden on project budgets.

Building green is the practice of bringing building form together with energy efficiency, HVAC optimization, intelligent lighting designs, high performance façade techniques, eco friendly materials and smart water management. The result is state of the art Green Buildings that consume less energy, have a reduced carbon footprint, and provide healthier and more comfortable living environments to their occupants while improving employee retention and productivity.