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Meinhardt Thailand Health & Safety Week

The main objectives on health and safety for Meinhardt are "promoting safety in our workplace and promoting the wellness of our staff". We continually provide activities and improvements in all areas in order to achieve these objectives. "Meinhardt Health & Safety Week 2019" is one of the activities we provided to our staff in order to fulfill our goals.

For the Meinhardt Health & Safety Week this year, we have provided health talks on the topics of “Office Related Sickness”, “Work and Life Balance”, Non-Communicable Diseases” and “Metabolic Syndrome & Innovative Obesity Treatment”, and we have also provided training sessions on the Safety Instructions & Guidelines for both main office and site staff.

We sincerely believe that the Meinhardt Health & Safety Week provided would help ensure that our staff understand and embrace a set of principles on good health and on safety practices on a daily basis.