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Report: How the Pandemic is Reshaping ASEAN Construction Demands

I am pleased to share that the Oxford Business Group (OBG) in association with the Meinhardt Group has published a report titled “How the Covid-19 pandemic is reshaping ASEAN construction demands”.

The report evaluates the impact of the pandemic on the region in terms of Resilience, Response, Recovery and Reinvention.

Construction – and infrastructure development in particular – is expected to be a key driver of economic growth across ASEAN from 2021.

Meinhardt operates actively across ASEAN and is our largest business by region. Overall, we believe the region has proven to very resilient predicated on strong socio-economic fundamentals. Several ASEAN members are forecast to rebound swiftly from 2021 and construction is poised to return to pre-pandemic levels as early as 2022.

I hope you will find the report to be insightful. We look forward to working with you closely and jointly shape the future of a post-pandemic world.

To read the full report Click here

Yours sincerely,

Omar Shahzad
Group CEO
Meinhardt Group International