A great deal of intelligence at your fingertips.

Meinhardt has long recognized the advantages of BIM and how it can drive time and budget savings for building and infrastructure projects. The model-based design increases efficiency within the organization and truly shines during the coordinated project delivery.

There are an increasing number of tools such as Autodesk Revit, that allow designers to visualize, simulate, quantify and calculate building performance aspects. These software packages apply rules that are based on physics and industry best practices providing a valuable complement for Meinhardt engineers condensing knowledge into services that can run with the click of a button.

Meinhardt’s BIM toolset helps automate clash detection reducing costly on-site clashes and ensuring a perfect fit of off-site manufactured elements. Simultaneously using BIM streamlines items count and quantity takeoffs, as these are updated automatically as the model progresses.

Meinhardt 3D digital design models become the ultimate communication tool for project related information whether that’s done using traditional paper drawings or using Virtual and Augmented Reality. Using 3D digital models also means extended possibilities for Facilities Management.

Complete with animations, Meinhardt federated models facilitate construction synchronisation processes, delivering a predictable path to the expected outcome, sequencing steps, materials, and helping onsite crew deliver more efficient construction progress.

Meinhardt takes full advantage of technology using the cloud as a models repository allowing its clients to access project details from anywhere, anytime on any device.