Digital Delivery Office Leader

Position Summary:

As a Digital Delivery Office Leader involved in Office wide subjects and International/National projects, you will be responsible to provide a leadership role and direct and develop Digital Delivery in the office. This will include two focus areas:

  1. Office-wide policy and strategy
  2. Project wide oversight/strategy.

including but not limited to C&S, M&E, Architecture, QS and PM/CM. Each department, including but not limited to C&S, M&E, Architecture, QS and PM/CM, has a Digital Delivery Manager for their discipline, responsible for the day-to-day operations of that discipline. The Digital Delivery Office Leader will ensure conformity and integrated delivery processes across all departments,



  • Develop a motivational environment for Digital Delivery personnel and assist them to learn and grow with the team. Identify and oversee suitable training.
  • Monitor and manage the performance of Digital Delivery personnel in the office level.
  • Interface with Team Leaders and IT Head on the software licensing and delivery tools to ensure that they are available for different user groups.
  • Ensure conformity and integrated delivery processes across all departments.
  • Assist in project bidding, utilizing Meinhardt’s Digital Delivery materials to develop content / attend interviews specific to each proposal/project.


  • Develop office level SOP and Best Practices in line with international and corporate standards.
  • Implement standards including ISO / BSI / PAS / LOD / GSA / COBie / etc.
  • Participate with Research & Development subjects in the company/office level to develop methodology to improve productivity and quality.

Information Model

  • Oversee Information Modelling processes in the office and direct them in a way to be in line with company and project protocols.
  • Oversee the implementation of International/National/Corporate/Project standards.
  • Guide the team to define clash analysis strategies.
  • Assist the team with on unique, complex, or large-scale projects to develop a digital delivery strategy and work break down structure.
  • Perform project audit tasks to keep information models and other related deliverables in line with corporate / project standards.


  • Thai nationality with overseas experience preferred (or expat with fluent Thai).
  • Degree in Engineering, Architecture, or other related subjects related to digital delivery in the AEC industry.
  • Minimum 10 Years of Experience in Design and Delivery with digital delivery approaches.
  • Fluent in English and Thai language.
  • Excellent knowledge and background in Digital Delivery Services such as, Procedures, Execution, Implementation, Responsibilities, Accountabilities, Coordination, Scope of works, Deliverables, Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Modeling, Production, Design Authoring, Design Review, Visualization, Clash Detection, Clash Resolution, 3D Coordination, Quantity Estimation, 4D (Time) Simulation, 5D(Cost) Estimation, 6D (FM) Management.


  • Dental Insurance
  • Five-day work week
  • Flexible working hours
  • Group Life & Medical insurance
  • 12 Days Annual Leave
  • 3 Days Casual Leave
  • Annual Health Check-Up
  • Annual Bonus
  • Provident Fund
  • Company phone
  • Company laptop
  • Travel allowance